GeoSurf vs Luminati: Features, Pricing, Performance Compared

Confused between Geosurf vs. Luminati? Which is better? Here in this post, we have added a detailed comparison between these two residential proxy providers. We have added all the important parameters which the best proxies provider must have. Not only this, but we have also compared these two proxies providers and added the properly tested results. 

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Now you don’t have to research more about the same. This time you have landed at the right place! Here in this post, we have added a detailed comparison guide between Luminati and GeoSurf. All you need to do is to read the full post and by reaching the end you are already found which proxies service suits your requirements.

We must recommend you read the post till the end going through every parameter mentioned in this post.  Check out the detailed comparison chart and choose wisely before investing your money is purchasing proxies.

GeoSurf vs Luminati Comparison

Let us start by looking at the key features offered by both Luminati and GeoSurf.

GeoSurf Key Features Key Features

Which one is the best GeoSurf or Luminati?

So, who is better in this fight between Luminati and GeoSurf? Well, it depends on your requirements.

We have explained the key things that both of these proxy providers offer to users.

Luminati vs GeoSurf IP Type

  • GeoSurf – WhiteListed IPs
  • Luminati – Credentials and Whitelisted IPs

The best proxy provider is one who provides its customers with different types of proxy services. Both GeoSurf and Luminati are the leading service provider who is ruling the proxy market. They are mainly two types of IP provided by most of the popular proxy provider i.e Residential ( These IP are controlled by Home address ) and Datacenter IPs. Here it is difficult to compare these two with the parameter of IP type as both GeoSurf and provide their user with the best class Datacenter and Residential IPs.

Bandwidth Comparison between GeoSurf and Luminati

Both of them Offer LIMITED BANDWIDTH. Unlimited Bandwidth Plans are not Available.

When it comes to bandwidth both of these proxy service providers have limitation added. GeoSurf provides its users with limited bandwidth with their package. Previously, there are few of the pricing packages available in the Luminati which provide us with unlimited bandwidth on buying proxies. But in their updated plan you will not find any such limitless bandwidth. Not to worry mates, Still, both these proxies service providers serve their customer with the best quality of proxies.


This is one of the top parameters which helps you to differentiate between these two proxy services mentioned above. In terms of Pool Size, Luminati proxy provider is leading the race with more than 35M Residentials IP. This proxy provider has IP address pool base spread in different countries and regions. What about GeoSurf? GeoSurf is not that much behind the expectation, It is also booming its IP number with a greater pace. Currently, GeoSurf has 2M+ Residential IP pool collection. Both of these are services are booming at an increasing pace.

Authorization Method

Both of these service providers have different methods of authorization. Mainly, Most of the popular proxy providers like Buyproxy, High Proxies, etc have common IP Authentication loaded in their server. GeoSurf also provides security to its customer proxy using the IP Authentication method. But with the advancement of technology user id and password authentication is also enabled by various proxy provider brands. Luminati is one of these best residential proxy providers which uses both IP Authentication & Login ID & Password for more secure networking.

Luminati vs GeoSurf Session Control

Either you purchase proxies from GeoSurf or Luminati, within few minutes you are provided with the access to use your proxies. In short, the Session control feature is provided by default by both of these proxy service providers. You can easily monitor and control all your logs via these session controls settings.


GeoSurf and Luminati are two’s of the most popular proxies provider available in the Internet Market. They have spread their services in almost all regions of the world. GeoSurf has currently more than 130+ Datacenter spread worldwide.

But Luminati is winning the game when we consider location as important parameters as they are serving their proxies in more than 220+ countries and regions. From these stats, One can easily estimate their market share worldwide.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view of both these proxies sellers is somewhat the same as an extent. If you are looking for a very simple user interface with minimal designing then we recommend you check out the GeoSurf dashboard. Else if you want a cool user interface with a perfect dashboard then you will love the dashboard of Luminati. Luminati has spent more in terms of attracting user’s attention via its interface and all. You can monitor all your locations, renewals, etc in the dashboard section. All you need to do is to visit the proxy setting and check all the essentials information right there.

GeoSurf Dashboard

Luminati Dashboard

Protocol Used

In terms of protocol selection, we should recommend you go with Luminati as they are providing all three protocols which included HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5. All these protocols are used by the Similarly, GeoSurf also has a good background in terms of protocols, they provide their user with an HTTP protocol set only. If you are not very much about protocol then you can also give a try to GeoSurf Proxies.

Geosurf vs Luminati Performance Compared 

After playing with the GeoSurf & Luminati proxies we have come to the conclusion that GeoSurf performance is just awesome. GeoSurf can easily handle server load even with a slow network connection. Luminati also has good performance but in some cases, it lags a bit when we use more of their proxies. Check out the below result to know which one is better with performance.


Speed is one of the most important concerns while comparing any proxy service providers. One with the tops network speed connection always wins the race. Between these two service providers, the Luminati proxy server has better speed with just little more as compared to GeoSurf. There is not much difference in their speed, Both of these are best in terms of speed 🙂 Check below result for more detail :

GeoSurf Speed Test

Luminati Speed Test

Customer Support

Customer support plays a very important role in any service provider industry. If you are providing your users with the best customer support then they will surely love your service and at the same time, you will receive a positive review of your service. When it comes to proving customer support, we have observed that Luminati has better support as they provide their customer with Live chat options.

With the advancement in technology, Almost all proxies service provider has added a live chat feature on their website. GeoSurf also treats its customer response in a well-mannered way but live chat options are not yet enabled on their site yet. Maybe they will add it soon. You can easily raise your dispute if you are facing any kind of issues with their services.

Luminati and GeoSurf Pricing Compared

Here is Geosurf vs Luminati pricing compared. You can view all the plans in detail on the official website of the two proxy providers.

GeoSurf Packages

Luminati Packages

Wrapping Up – Our Winner is Luminati

Considering all the factors, we pick Luminati as the winner. However, both brands are similar in terms of features and performance. So it won’t be a major difference if you pick GeoSurf instead of Luminati.

We have compared both of these proxies service provider on every important parameter related to better proxies. We have also added the result along with the guide so that it becomes easier for one to choose between the two. Still, confused between GeoSurf vs Luminati? Must share your contradicting point with us in the comment section. Our teammate will reply to you soon.

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