Best Instagram Proxies 2020 – Tested Proxy Services for IG

In this article, we have reviewed the best Instagram proxy services that you can buy. These Instagram Proxies can be used for Bot Automation and other purposes.

Instagram is considered one of the best social sites for marketing. The clean setup of the app and increasing presence of youth are two of the reasons behind it.

However, getting the user’s attention is still a big deal because the attention span of everyone is declining. This has also made it difficult for the marketing managers to do their job. 

This is the reason why many marketing managers have started automating their social media accounts. They are using dedicated softwares which help them in doing the same. Many managers have taken not just one but several accounts now owing to the availability of resources. For this they connect their automation tools to the Instagram Proxies.

Now the combination of Instagram proxies and automation tools allowed them to control several accounts at one place that too through one tool. Now, you might be thinking, What exactly are Instagram Proxies? Don’t worry, we are going to answer that right now!

What are Proxy Servers?

First of all, let’s get to know what a proxy is. So a proxy server is a server which acts as a getaway between you and the internet. Through its use you can actually send requests and commands to different websites. Each request that you send would be handled by the proxy server and the website would recognize the proxy server and its IP as the original user. 

These proxy servers acts as a firewall, web filter, among other things. A good proxy server actually keeps the internet clean and protects the user from bad stuff happening from them. 

What are Instagram Proxies?

In the initial days, these proxies were used only for privacy and anonymity purposes. However, now these Instagram proxies are used for automating several social media accounts at once. Instagram proxies are virgin private proxies, that is, these private proxies have clean IPs and are never used before. 

Marketing managers that have several accounts under management need these Instagram proxies. This is because a limitation is put up by the social networking sites for maintaining the number of accounts from one single IP address. This is why if someone is managing several social media accounts, he risks getting all his accounts blocked if he manages all of them through a single IP address. There are several ways in which the Instagram Proxies are useful-

  • Proxies for Instagram are used to connect an Instagram account permanently through a single dedicated IP address, so that it could be used effectively without fear of being blocked. 
  • By the use of proxies, each account is dealt with individually and companies can also employ remote social media managers who while working in a different country can take care of companies’ marketing needs.
  • You can reach a larger audience and focus on individual marketing verticals with targeted accounts, among other things.

List of Best Instagram Proxies 2020

Now that we have talked about what actually these proxies are and what they do, let us brief you about the best Instagram proxies available on the planet. 

1. SmartProxy

The customers of SmartProxy are actually quite satisfied with it. There are a very few customers who have come across some sort of issues. This says a lot about the quality of service that they provide. Their setup process is easy and accessible for everyone.

There are more than 10,000,000 proxies available and they support any Instagram automation software. So you can tie them up with any automation software such as Jarvee, Gramdominator, Follow Liker, among others. 

Furthermore, they provide money back guarantee within 3 days without any restrictions and round the day technical support too. 

The only con that we could come up with was that it is the only service provider which asks for payment based on the data (GB) that you have used.

2. Proxy Seller

This company is known for providing proxies which are compatible with any automation software and support multiple accounts too. You can purchase any number of proxies from them. Their dashboard is easy to use and informative, and in case of any trouble you can contact their technical support team which is always ready to help. They have a chat box featured on website where you can contact them.

User love that their proxies are deliverable within 5 minutes. Their plans are cheap if you subscribe for a long time, that is, if you sign up for an year, the plan would be cheap as compared to a single month plan. However the con that we found with Proxy Seller is that they have unclear trial and refund options. 

3. SSL Private Proxy

This proxy provider has some of the best shared and private proxies that you can find. This company also owns high proxies, which is a virtual private proxy network. They provide dedicated IP addresses for user, that means the users are the sole owners. All proxies are anonymous and support HTTP and HTTPS protocol. 

Owning to high level of security provided by them you don’t have to worry about Phishing, hacking, spamming at all. This means that they are a great option for getting things done on Instagram safely and effectively. 

You’ll be delighted to hear that their servers work on wind power. The company is actively working on installing solar panels to make their servers work on green energy.

4. High Proxies

Just as SSL Private Proxy, High proxies is also a good choice if you are looking for a service provider which provide effective and top-notch protection services. All the servers run on SSD drives, which are much faster than the traditional HDD drives. They have premium packages which aren’t offered by many of the service providers in our list. 

Other features such as using Linux for enhanced security, XEON processors for high speed servers, etc make them a good option for people looking for quality services. 

Their customer service is excellent and you won’t face issues in connecting with their technical team.

5. Buy Personal Proxy

They have good option for both personal users and agencies. Personal Proxy is apt for someone who is new to the industry and doesn’t know what exactly to look for. Their residential proxies are great for marketing agencies and are preferred by people who are trying to bring up their brand online. 

People with tight budget generally prefer Buy Personal Proxy and it is totally worth the investment. 

6. Geosurf

Geosurf is known for high-quality Instagram proxies. They have given much of their focus on residential proxies and they provide 20 GB worth of data in bonus that is bound to make their customers happy. 

The IP addresses in Geosurf are never defined as proxy at all. The combination of proxy masking and IP addresses gets unnoticed. Geosurf is coder friendly and they provide API with the programming code in all common language. 

They are known for their premium support and their corporate clients receive fast and friendly support through various means such as Skype, phone, email.

7. PrivateNetKey

Next in our list if Private Net Key. It is highly effective and considered one of the best proxies for Instagram and other social media sites. PNK is known for reliable work and a fast connection. There is an ability provided to users to use the proxies on other sites and platforms besides Instagram too. 

Furthermore API gives an opportunity to use the proxy with any compatible software and devices. You just need to download the list in JSON format and after that you can virtually use it anywhere. 

One of the most attractive feature of PNK is dead IP removal. That means if any IP doesn’t work, they are ready to replace it without any additional charges. 

You will be provided with unlimited bandwidth and each server has an internet channel of 1 GBPS. It is actually considered enough for multiple simultaneous connections. 

Friendly support around the clock is provided by PNK. At last, they provide a money back guarantee and you can claim the option with 3 days of your purchase. 

8. Mass Proxy

This is one of the proxy provider which has a powerful network and a flexible number of proxies. The servers are all located in the United States and several European countries. They are known to provide super fast proxy connections with a channel of 1 GBPS. 

They provide Virgin IP addresses that are used by anyone before so that you don’t have to suffer later. As mentioned earlier, they have a flexible packages that means you can choose anywhere between 15 to 1000 packages. Furthermore, all the packages are ready to work within 10 minutes after their purchase. 

Mass Proxy is known for their spam-free servers and they have highest uptime rate among all the options present here. 

With Mass Proxy, you would be assured of your full anonymity and nobody will be able to see your IP or any other data.

So this is all from our side. We hope you found this article helpful.

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